Fires break out at RFK Stadium

Multiple fires broke out Tuesday at RFK Stadium, the former home of Washington’s NFL team.

The DC Fire Department confirmed that there were at least two fires at the stadium, but firefighters put them out and no one was injured. The cause of the fires is being investigated.

Washington played its home games at RFK Stadium (originally known as District of Columbia Stadium) from 1961 to 1996, and it was once known as one of the NFL’s most raucous venues, with fans always filling the stadium especially during the team’s great run in the 1980s and early 1990s. But the stadium became old and dilapidated, and it currently has no major tenants and is expected to be torn down.

The Commanders are currently looking at moving into a new stadium, but D.C. officials have shown little interest in putting a new stadium on the RFK site for the Commanders to play in.